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Hidden Grounds Coffee Co.

Monday, July 4, 2016

I love finding the cutest little underground places (literally) ! Hidden Grounds Coffee Co. is the most adorable spot for a quick coffee date or study session. It's quaint, quiet and very much so aesthetically pleasing.  I love the rustic-chic minimalist vibe of the place. First, I ordered their ginger peach black tea. Although I felt the tea was slightly over priced (3.75 for a large which wasn't even that large) it was well worth it ! So worth it had to try another so I ordered the citrus hibiscus herbal tea, which was almost as good as the first one. As for my food I ordered their bagel sandwich. I must say it was exquisite ! This had to be one of the best bagels I've tasted, I had a plain bagel with cream cheese but accompanied with crisp onion, cucumbers, tomatoes and finished with creamy avocado. I savored each bite. Go check out this cute little spot and leave a comment on what you got, I would love to hear it !

Miss Bhrianna

"Coffee is a language in itself" - Jackie Chan

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