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Gusto Grille

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

As you all know I have a passion for food (good food to say the least). I'm sure you have those restaurant's you pass a billion times but never take the time to actually stop at. Gusto Grill was one of them for me. I went for a cute little lunch date with my long time best friend (who as well has the same passion for tasting new things as I do). The ambiance of the restaurant was certainly exceptional with a classic but modern menu. It was the perfect mix of upscale meets causal. I ordered 3 of their small plates (I love getting multiple smaller plates rather than one large entree, just so I can get a little sample of everything). I ordered the pork belly with sweet potato puree (Pictured). The baked mac and cheese and the crab cakes.

The Pork Belly w/ sweet potato puree: From what I ordered this had to be my favorite ! It was cooked to perfection. Flavored with maple syrup and brown sugar, it was a explosion of sweet and salty in your mouth ! The sweet potato puree was just enough of small flavor to top it off  !

The Baked Macaroni and Cheese: I am such a mac and cheese lover, but this really disappointed me. I was so bland and flavorless. I am also not a fan of breadcrumbs on my mac and cheese. I actually think they took it off the menu since I had gone ! 

The Crab Cake: Now I must say this was a very good crab cake. Nice and flavorful and juicy. I really enjoyed it, I was so sad they were so tiny. The sauce it came with was also really yummy. 

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